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Our food is a delicious blend of flavours coming from the Malays,Chinese,India and indigenous communities living in Malaysia

Thursday, May 19, 2016



300 gm tempeh,chopped finely

20 gm anchovies, soaked and chopped

1 big onion,chopped finely

2 cm ginger,chopped finely

4-5 bird eye chilies,sliced

3 stalk kari leafs,finely sliced

1 tsp fennel,pounded coarsely

1 tsp turmeric powder

½ cube ikan bilis stock,if you like

Salt,if needed

1 small egg,beaten

Oil for frying

1.    Mix all the ingredient’s except the  egg and the oil. Mix well but make sure you don’t mash it up.

2.    Taste and add in the salt. Add in the egg little by little till it can be made into a ball. Heat the oil. Made the mixer into vadais and fry them in a low heat till it becames golden brown.

3.    Remove from the heat and serve with chilie sauce or with rice and rasam

Note: For the vegetarian version use besan flour instead of eggs. And don’t add in the anchovies and ikan bilis cube.

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