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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Recipe by Devigi Shanmugam

2 cups channa flour

2 tbsp rice flour

A pinch of baking soda

250ml water



10 cloves,pounded coarsely

10 cardamons,only the seed,pounded

A little yellow colour if you like.

13/4 cup sugar

11/4 cup water

1 tbsp ghee

! part oil 2 parts ghee for frying

1. Mix the 2 flours,baking soda and water to make a thick batter. Heat the oil and ghee for frying.

2. Place a little batter on a perforated ladle and press out gently. Little droplets of batter will fall into the oil. Fry till they swell up and are golden brown.

3. Mean time heat ghee and fry cashewnuts till golden brown. In the same oil fry raisin and keep aside

4. Boil the water and sugar and make to get a thick syrup,add in the cloves and cardamon stir well.

5. Drain and put the fried boondi into the hot syrup. When all the batter has been fried. mould the droplets into little balls. The ingredients will be hot now.

6 It is easier to make the laddus if the ingredients remain hot. Serve when cool and set.


  1. Hi Bro, I must say you are a very talented cook.

  2. Thank you sister Suman arthy...yes Deepavali is here,and you must be busy making all the goodies.Happy deepavali to you.

  3. Hi,bro Kash you see cooking is the only thing which i can do well. Being cooking from my age 17...and cooking is my passion. thank you and Happy deepavali to you and your family.