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Our food is a delicious blend of flavours coming from the Malays,Chinese,India and indigenous communities living in Malaysia

Tuesday, December 5, 2017



500 gm firm tau foo,mash coarsely

50 gm ikan bilis, soaked and dry

1 cup water

Tamarind juice to taste

1 cube of ikan bilis stock cube, if you like,but I did’t add.

Salt to taste

Just a bit of sugar to taste

1/3 cup oil

Grind into a fine paste:

25 dry chilie, soaked

150 gm onions,sliced

5 garlic,slice

1 cm belacan

1 tbsp chilie powder

1.    Heat the oil and fry the ikan bilis till crispy.

2.    Add in the grind paste  and fry till the oil rise or till the raw smell disappear.

3.    Add in the water and cooked till the oil rise add in the tamarind juice,sugar and taste and add the salt.

4.    Add in the tau foo and mix well. If needed add in a bit more water cooked till a bit dry and the oil rise.

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