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Our food is a delicious blend of flavours coming from the Malays,Chinese,India and indigenous communities living in Malaysia

Friday, August 3, 2012



Pumkin layer (A)

300gm mashed pumkin

100gm green pea flour

250gm sugar

900ml water

A pinch of salt

Coconut milk layer

350ml thick coconut milk

270ml water

50gm green pea flour

80gm sugar

1 pandan leafs

Salt to taste

1. Use 2 pans in one pan add in A and mix well. You have to cook both batter at the same time. In another pan add in B and mix well.

2. Over a low heat cook both the batter until think. Pour into a lightly greased pan 8cm cake tin. alternately and slowly stir to made into a marble. Let it cool before cutting.

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