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Wednesday, August 8, 2018



300 gm grind tapioca paste*

100 gm glutinous rice flour

Gula melaka,cut into small cubes

Grated white coconut,mix with a little salt

A little green food colouring if you like.

1.    In a bowl add in the grind tapioca paste and add in the glutinous rice flour little by little till you get a soft dough.

2.    Divide dough into small pieces and form into small balls. Flatten each piece and put a cube of gula melaka in the centre and roll again into ball. Keep a side

3.    In a pot boil water. When the water is boiling add in the balls. When the ball are cooked they will float. Scoop onde with a perforated ladle,drain and toss in the grated coconut.

*how to grind the tapioca.  Cut the tapioca into pieces and remove the skins and the tough fiber. Then cut into small pieces. Blend the tapioca with a little water not very smooth or not very coarsely. Pour into a muslin cloth and squeeze out the juice into jug. Let the juice stand for 15 minutes then carefully pour off the liquid on the top leaving behind the starch. Add the starch to paste and mix

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