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Sunday, August 6, 2017



For this recipe you can use any balance roast chicken or even roast beef or any kind of cooked meat.

500 gm of any kind of cooked balance meat. Here I am using roast chicken meat

400 gm of mustard green (see picture) cut into pieces.

150  gm carrot,sliced thinly

2 big tomatoes,cut into wedges

50 gm garlic,chopped

150 gm onion,sliced

10 dry chilie, cut

2 red chilie,sliced,if you like

6 sliced asam gelugor

2 chicken cube

1 tbsp thick soya sauce

2-3 tbsp oil

2 litre water ( 8 cups)

1.    Heat the oil and add in the onion,garlic,red chilie and dry chilie fry till fragrant.

2.    Add in the water,soya sauce,asam gelugor,chicken cube and salt to taste bring it boil.

3.    Add in the meat,mustard green,carrots and tomatoes mix well and let it simmer till the vegetables are well cook. Serve with hot rice.

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