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Our food is a delicious blend of flavours coming from the Malays,Chinese,India and indigenous communities living in Malaysia

Wednesday, August 9, 2017



600 gm potatoes,remove skin and cut into wedges and fry till cook. Keep aside

600 gm firm tau foo,cut into cubes and fry,keep aside

30 gm garlic,coarsely chopped

20 gm ginger,coarsely chopped

½ tsp black pepper

1 tsp five spices powder

¼ cup thick sweet soy sauce

2 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp flour,mix with a little water

Salt to taste

31/2 cup water

3 tbsp oil

1.    Heat Add in the flour paste and mix well till the sauce becames a bit thick. Taste and add in the salt.

2.    Add in the potatoes and the tau foo and mix well let it boil. Remove from the heat and serve.

3.    the oil and fry the garlic and ginger till fragrant and light brown.

4.    Add in the water and add in the five spice powder,soy sauce,sugar
and black pepper mix well and let it comes to a boil.

5.    Add in the flour paste and mix well. Add in potatoes and tau foo mix well and let it simmer for 5 min. Serve hot with rice 

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